Action Principles of Ultrasonic Scalpel

The early medical ultrasound mainly focuses on ultrasound diagnosis. From ordinary black-and-white ultrasound to three-dimensional color ultrasound and then to four-dimensional color ultrasound, the development of ultrasound diagnosis has gradually matured and has also been widely used. With the gradual development of medical technology nowadays, traditional surgical procedures are gradually moving towards smaller wounds and less bleeding.


Ⅰ. Ultrasonic scalpel gradually replaces traditional scalpel


As a new type of surgical instrument, medical ultrasonic scalpel has been introduced into surgical operations. The characteristics of clearer vision, less bleeding, and smaller wounds have been recognized by clinical medicine. And it gradually replaced the traditional scalpel and became the most widely used medical surgical scalpel. As one of the professional ultrasonic scalpel manufacturers, we have advanced technology and qualified equipment.


Ⅱ. What are the action principles of the ultrasonic scalpel?


1. Medical ultrasonic scalpel can convert high-frequency electrical energy into ultrasonic mechanical vibration energy, and transfer it to the knife head, and at the same time, transmit ultrasonic energy to hemostatically cut or coagulate the tissue.


2. High-power ultrasound can make the tissue cells in contact with the cutter head vaporize in an instant, and the protein hydrogen bonds will break and the cells will disintegrate. Thereby it can cut tissues, and at the same time accomplish the purpose of coagulation and hemostasis.


3. The application of the medical ultrasonic scalpel solves the problem of bleeding during surgery and greatly reduces the amount of bleeding during surgery. This is a major advantage, both for the smooth running of the operation and the safety of the patient.


In general, the ultrasonic scalpel is widely used because of its significant advantages and its ability to improve the success rate of surgery.

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