Advantages of Ultrasonic Scalpel

Ultrasonic scalpel products are composed of generator, transducer system, cutter and foot switch. The transducer system has a long service life and maximizes application value; the integrated torque wrench facilitates inventory control; the transducer system and the tool can be separated, reducing replacement costs.


1. Product features of ultrasonic scalpel


(1) Blood vessels with a diameter of 5 mm and below can be closed.


(2) Different from traditional electrosurgery, the parts that touch the human body are completely physical signals rather than electrical signals.


(3) Only a small amount of vapor is generated during the operation, no smoke, and does not affect the surgical field of vision.


(4) There is no peculiar smell and no carbonization when it is closed, so no foreign objects such as sutures and titanium clips remain after closing.


(5) The operation of ultrasonic scalpels is convenient and fast, and the breaking speed is 50% faster than the existing multi-purpose shears, which greatly speeds up the operation process.


(6) The local temperature is not high when it is closed, the heat diffusion is less, and there is no damage to the surrounding tissue. The ultrasonic scalpel system is less harmful to the human body than the traditional electric scalpel, and is especially suitable for laparoscopic and open tumor surgery, which greatly improves the safety of the operation.


2. Ultrasonic scalpel is cost-effective


(1) The energy conversion system has a long service life and greater application value.


(2) The integrated torque wrench facilitates inventory control.


(3) The transducer system and the tool can be separated to reduce the replacement cost.


3. High efficiency of ultrasonic scalpel


(1) One device for multiple purposes: cutting, hemostasis, grasping, separation, cutting, and hemostasis are completed simultaneously, shortening the operation time.


(2) Safety: Small lateral thermal damage, can be used for fine operation of important organs and nerves; electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy to work, no current passes through the human body, and the patient is safer; the arc-shaped working head is conducive to observing the jaws tissue-holding; smoke-free, providing a clear surgical field of vision.


Ultrasonic Knife is also called Sonic Knife. It uses the ultrasonic frequency generator to make the metal cutter head mechanically oscillate under the ultrasonic frequency, so that the water molecules and protein hydrogen bonds in the tissue are broken, the cells are disintegrated, the tissue is cut or coagulated, and the blood vessels are closed. Laparoscopic ultrasonic scalpel has obvious advantages in laparoscopic surgery. With a curved blade, BBT's Ultrasonic Surgical Generator has 55.5 kHz and is also the signature generator on the market. The curved head structure design increases the effective dissection length of the ultrasonic scalpel. Welcome to online consultation!

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