Application of Harmonic Scalpel in Clinical Medicine

Harmonic scalpel is a kind of medical equipment used in surgery. It is a choice of steel scalpel. It uses ultrasonic technology to cut tissue while sealing its edges. The system usually consists of a hand-held ultrasonic transducer, a generator, a manual switch, a pedal and a scalpel used as a cutting tool. Contact bbt surgery equipments company for more ultrasonic transducer price info!


Ⅰ. Application of harmonic scalpel in clinical medicine


During the operation, the scalpel vibrates in the range of 55500 Hz, cuts through the tissue at the same time, and stops bleeding through protein denaturation, so as to seal it. Medical procedures that can be performed with harmonic scalpels include thyroidectomy, lung biopsy, laparoscopic cyst stripping, tonsillectomy and gynecological cancer. Many plastic surgeons also find that it is a good system for plastic surgery, such as thin face, breast reduction, breast augmentation or abdominal wrinkle removal.


As a ultrasonic surgical instrument, harmonic scalpel is usually a popular supplement to a series of systems that surgeons can use to solve different medical conditions of patients. It can provide surgeons with higher cutting accuracy. It also allows surgeons to cut through thicker tissue more effectively. Since the system emits less smoke when running, his or her visibility problems can be reduced. Although the harmonic ultrasonic scalpel is not as easy to move as the instruments used for coagulation in electrocoagulation, there are fewer replacement of surgical instruments, which simplifies the surgical procedure.


Ⅱ. Applicable objects of harmonic scalpel


Patients who undergo surgery with harmonic scalpels usually do not experience swelling, bleeding and abrasions when using traditional scalpels. Blood vessels are also sealed at temperatures lower than those required by electrosurgery and laser surgery, thereby reducing damage to the lateral thermal tissue, carbonization and extreme drying of blood vessels of patients. This usually reduces the operation time and recovery time. Usually, patients can recover their normal activities faster, which effectively reduces the loss of productivity and income opportunities that may be caused by surgery.


The key to the success of any operation with harmonic scalpel is usually the knowledge and experience of surgeons. Surgeons usually need to actively train and master this technology. They can attend lectures and demonstrations on the use of harmonic scalpels.

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