New Year's Speech By The Chairman Of BBT Medical In 2021

"2020 is an extraordinary year! It's a year in which BBT Medical will work hard!

Fighting the epidemic, seizing time, seizing opportunities, overcoming problems... The company has a clear strategy, precise positioning, correct decision-making, and all employees are full of confidence, brainstorming, and achieving satisfactory results.

On the occasion of the arrival of the New Year, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and sincere respect to all half of the sky who share the joys and sorrows and hard work with the company! Wish everyone in the new year: good health, happiness in the family, and success in work!

Spring returns to the earth, and everything is renewed. In 2021, BBT Medical will be more brilliant! ".

The year 2021 is the beginning of BanBianTian's expansion and takeoff. The company works together, the marketing team clanging declaration, the grand blueprint is exciting, as the chairman Qiu Xuewen said, BanBianTian all staff have the confidence!

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