Clinical Application of Ultrasonic Scalpel

Ultrasonic scalpel is a kind of high-frequency electrosurgical equipment, which is mainly used for cutting biological tissue and closing blood vessels. It has the characteristics of less bleeding, less damage to surrounding tissues and fast postoperative recovery. It can cut and coagulate human tissues, and will not cause side effects such as tissue drying and burning. There is no current passing through the human body when the tool bit works. It is widely used in the operating room and is known as the Bloodless scalpel.


Ⅰ. Clinical application and indications of ultrasonic scalpel


Harmonic ultrasonic scalpel is clinically used in cutting and coagulation, cataract emulsification, tumor suction and resection, liposuction and so on. It has the best effect on tissues with more water and less collagen, such as brain, liver, spleen and other organs, but has little effect on tissues with more collagen, such as blood vessels, fascia and so on. ultrasonic blade is mainly used in brain surgery, neurosurgical tumor, liver tumor, thoracic surgery, fat aspiration and various water rich cell tissues.


In recent years, the applications of the ultrasonic surgical instrument have covered ophthalmology, brain surgery, neurosurgery, general surgery, urology, thoracic surgery, gynecology, pediatric surgery, facial features department and so on.


Ⅱ. Classification of ultrasonic scalpels


1. Suction ultrasonic scalpel


The suction ultrasonic scalpel is composed of a host, a therapeutic sound head and a suction device. By using the cavitation effect of ultrasound, the diseased tissue or the tissue to be removed is crushed, and then sucked out by a pump to complete the treatment. The principle of hemostasis of suction ultrasonic scalpel is to destroy and absorb the tissue cells with high water content, while leaving the tissue with strong elasticity and high collagen content intact, so that the operation can be performed under the conditions of safety, less blood or no blood.


2. Cutting ultrasonic scalpel


The cutting ultrasonic scalpel is composed of a host and a therapeutic sound head. It uses the ultrasonic effect and high-frequency mechanical vibration of the therapeutic sound head to cut and separate tissues. It is an ultrasonic treatment method similar to traditional surgery. The scalpel has small head, less heat production and good hemostasis. It can be operated under the condition of small field of vision. It is commonly used in laparoscopic surgery.

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