Performance Indexes and Use Precautions of Ultrasonic Transducer

Ⅰ. Performance Index of Ultrasonic Transducer


1. Operating frequency.


The working frequency is the resonant frequency of the piezoelectric wafer. When the voltage frequency at both ends is equal to the resonance frequency of the chip, its output frequency is also equal to the maximum resonance frequency.


2. Operating temperature.


Since the Curie point of piezoelectric materials is generally high and the ultrasonic transducer will generate heat when used, we must give the ultrasonic transducer good cooling conditions, generally normal temperature air cooling; If necessary, cold air cooling can also be used.


3. Sensitivity.


It mainly depends on the manufacturing wafer itself. If the electromechanical coupling coefficient is large, the sensitivity is high; On the contrary, the sensitivity is low.


Ⅱ. Notes of Ultrasonic Transducer


1. Do not use the ultrasonic transducer outdoors or in places higher than the rated temperature.


2. Materials such as fine powder and cotton yarn cannot be detected in absorbing sound (reflective transducer).


3. The jet from the jet nozzle has multiple frequencies, so it will affect the ultrasonic transducer and should not be used near the ultrasonic transducer .


4. The water droplets on the surface of the ultrasonic transducer shorten the detection distance.


5. Because the ultrasonic transducer uses air as the transmission medium, when the local temperature is different, the reflection and refraction at the boundary may lead to misoperation, and the detection distance will also change when the wind blows. Therefore, ultrasonic transducers should not be used next to equipment such as forced draft fans.


6. Do not use ultrasonic transducers in areas with steam; The atmosphere in this area is uneven. A temperature gradient will be generated, resulting in measurement errors.


7. Ultrasonic transducers shall not be used in vacuum or explosion-proof areas.

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