Problems and Solutions of Ultrasonic Transducer Failures

Ultrasonic transducers are found in many industries. Any product will fail over time. So this time, let's take a look at the failures of the ultrasonic transducer during use, and the solutions to the failures.


1. The ultrasonic transducer is damp


Generally, the plug connected to the transducer is checked with a megohmmeter, and the insulation resistance value between the positive and negative poles of the transducer can be judged. Generally, the insulation resistance is required to be greater than 30 megohms. If this insulation resistance value is not reached, it is likely that the transducer is damp. The maintenance method is to put the whole medical ultrasonic transducer used for treatment (excluding the plastic-sprayed casing) into the oven, set it to about 100°C, and dry it for three hours or use a hair dryer to remove moisture until the resistance value is normal.


2. Ultrasonic transducer vibrator fires


Fragmentation of ceramic material can be checked with the naked eye in combination with a megohmmeter. Generally, as an emergency measure, individual damaged transducers can be disconnected without affecting the normal use of other transducers. 


3. Degumming of ultrasonic transducer


We know that most manufacturers use gluing to fix the transducer, and some manufacturers use gluing and screw fastening. Generally, there will be no degumming. Due to the effect of the screws, the vibrator will not fall off the vibration surface after degumming. The general judgment method is to gently shake the tail of the vibrator by hand, and carefully observe the glue condition of the vibrating surface to make a judgment.


Generally, after the ultrasonic vibrator is degummed, the output power of the ultrasonic power supply is normal, but due to the poor connection between the vibrator and the vibrating surface, the vibration effect of the vibrating surface is not good, and the vibrator may be burned out because the energy cannot be released for a long time. The degumming of the vibrator is more troublesome for users to maintain. Generally, it can only be sent back to the manufacturer for maintenance. The most effective way to avoid degumming of the vibrator is to pay attention not to hit the vibrating surface during normal use.


4. Ultrasonic transducer vibration surface perforation


Generally, the perforation of the vibration surface may occur after the ultrasonic transducer is used for several years at full load, which is caused by the long-term high-frequency vibration fatigue of the stainless steel plate of the vibration surface. The perforation of the vibrating surface indicates that the service life of the transducer has reached, and it is generally only possible to replace it for maintenance.


The above are the possible faults and solutions of the ultrasonic transducer used for medical treatment during use. If you have other questions about the ultrasonic transducer, please feel free to contact us, BBT Mini-Invasive Medical Tech.

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