The Development and Advantages of Ultrasonic Scalpel

Ⅰ. Development Of Ultrasonic Scalpel


Although endoscopic surgery has such great advantages, at the same time, endoscopic surgery requires high anatomical accuracy, strong ability to effectively deal with blood vessels and high requirements for surgical instruments. The traditional electric knife (unipolar electric knife or bipolar electrocoagulation) can not solve the defects such as too wide heat conduction range (easy to cause side damage to important organs), unable to effectively deal with blood vessels, smoke and other defects which greatly affect the visual field and seriously restrict the expansion of the scope of endoscopic surgery. Until the birth of ultrasonic harmonic scalpel in 1996, endoscopic technology has been developed by leaps and bounds, which makes the minimally invasive surgical technology based on endoscopic surgery widely used in various surgical fields.


Ⅱ. Advantages Of ultrasonic scalpel


1. Ultrasonic scalpel only produces water vapor without smoke, and the surgical field of vision is clear;


2. The thermal effect is small, and the action heat is 80 ℃ ~ 100 ℃; Small thermal damage, within 3mm around the damage;


3. It has the functions of tissue cutting, coagulation and separation, and can accurately control the scope of cutting and coagulation, shorten the operation time and reduce intraoperative bleeding;


4. No possibility of electrical damage;


5. Less tissue adhesion, less eschar formation and less postoperative complications;


6. Less postoperative adhesion and faster wound healing;


7. Rapid oscillation has self purification effect, and the adhesion between knife and tissue will not occur;


8. Suitable for patients with cardiac pacemaker;


9. Suitable for laparoscopic surgery during pregnancy;


10. It can be used to deal with the operation of extensive adhesion of greater omentum. The omental fat is disconnected, there is no electrocoagulation contracture, the incision is neat, and the omental blood vessels are completely coagulated.

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