The Difference Between Ultrasonic Sensor, Ultrasonic Probes and Ultrasonic Transducer

Many people don't know the difference between ultrasonic sensors, ultrasonic probes and ultrasonic transducers, considering that these three are the same product. BBT will introduce the difference between ultrasonic sensors, ultrasonic probes and ultrasonic transducers.


1. What are ultrasonic probes, ultrasonic transducers and ultrasonic sensors?


(1) Ultrasonic probes


The ultrasonic probes are used for distance measurement and are the front end of the ultrasonic sensors. It is used to transmit ultrasonic waves and receive the sound waves reflected from the surface of the object. Specifically, it is a part of the ultrasonic sensor. In other words, it is an ultrasonic probe, which generally refers to the transducer inside the sensor. It is just an electro-acoustic conversion device that does not output standard signals.


(2) Ultrasonic transducer


Ultrasonic transducers use piezoelectric ceramic materials to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Under normal circumstances, ultrasonic waves are generated by an ultrasonic generator, converted into mechanical vibrations by a transducer, and then exported by an exporting device. The ultrasonic transducer alone cannot work, and the drive circuit needs to give it a drive voltage to make the transducer work.


The difference between an ultrasonic transducer and an ultrasonic probe is actually clear at a glance. It can be said that the ultrasonic probe contains an ultrasonic transducer. Without the transducer, the probe cannot work, and the two complement each other. The transducer can work normally only with the drive circuit, and the probe is the combination product of the transducer and the circuit.


(3) Ultrasonic sensors


Literally understood, ultrasonic sensors emphasize the role of sensing propagating signals, such as pressure, acceleration, and displacement sensors. Ultrasonic probes emphasize the role of detection, such as B-ultrasound probes. In actual use, there is no obvious difference between the two. Some industries or occasions have formed a habit, and the names are basically the same, while others are called differently due to different manufacturers or personal habits. Therefore, in general, ultrasonic sensors, both ultrasonic transducers and ultrasonic probes can be used to call the same thing.


2. Difference between ultrasonic sensor, ultrasonic probes and ultrasonic transducer


(1) The excitation signal frequency of the ultrasonic transducer is close to the resonant frequency, which means that the trigger signal strength is greater.


(2) The sensor is a passive component, the excitation signal will generate vibration, and the receiving end will receive the signal, and there will be no obvious performance change after long-term excitation.


(3) The performance of the sensor is affected by temperature, and temperature compensation is required.


(4) The change of the temperature-influenced characteristics of the transducer is reversible. The change in characteristics is basically small, it is mainly the changing characteristics of the piezoelectric ceramic sheet.

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