The Ultrasonic Transducer Should Be Matched with the Power Supply

A complete ultrasonic device can be formed only when the driving power of the ultrasonic transducer and the ultrasonic generator and the ultrasonic mold cooperate well. This is called matching for short. Matching has a great impact on the performance of the whole machine, so no matter how important it is to emphasize the importance of matching is immeasurable. The main matching considerations are the capacitance of the ultrasound transducer and subsequent transducer frequency.


1. The ultrasonic transducer should be matched with the power supply


The medical ultrasonic transducer itself is not an energy generator, but just an energy transducer. It can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, and can convert a large amount of energy under the premise of good input and output matching. Input matching refers to the matching between the transducer and the ultrasonic power supply. If the output matching is good, but the input matching is not good, the transducer is weak and the welding seam is not firm. If the output matching is poor and the input matching is good, the transducer will be overloaded, resulting in chip dislocation, cracks, breaks, screw fractures, aluminum cracks, and burnout of the power tube of the electric box. For example, like a car hitting the gas pedal in neutral, the engine needs to be vulnerable to damage. There are four main aspects of matching the transducer and the driving power supply: impedance matching, frequency matching, power matching, and capacitive reactance matching.


2. Frequency matching of ultrasonic transducers is also very important


First of all, the ultrasonic transducer only works at its resonant frequency, so the drive power, horn, and welding mold must all work at this frequency. Generally speaking, it is hoped that this difference does not exceed ±0.1khz at most, the smaller the better. It is recommended that the frequency of the compatible welding mold is about 0.1khz lower than the frequency of the vibrator. At the same time, it is considered that after the ultrasonic transducer is connected to the horn and the die, the peak value of the system resonance frequency becomes very small, that is, the bandwidth is very narrow, and the mechanical quality factor is large. And the small frequency deviation makes the impedance very high, and the power supply is displayed on the drive power supply or overload protection. If the machine is unloaded at this time, it may cause tip displacement, tip cracking, or breakage of the center screw.


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