Three Common Ultrasonic Transducer Problems and Solutions

1. Problems and solutions of three common ultrasonic transducers


Ultrasonic transducers will inevitably have some problems during long-term use. Some of these problems will directly affect the use of products and production lines, so they need to be eliminated in time. There are three common ultrasonic transducer problems.


(1) damp


To check whether the ultrasonic transducer is wet, it is generally to test the insulation value of the positive and negative electrodes of the transducer directly with a megohmmeter. If the insulation value is lower than 30 megohms, it indicates that the ultrasonic transducer is likely to be damp, at this point it needs to be dried.


(2) Degumming


Most manufacturers use adhesive to fix the medical ultrasonic transducer, and the ultrasonic transducer will vibrate during use, which will inevitably make the adhesive unstable, so this is also It needs to be detected and fixed in time. Of course, some manufacturers now use screws to fix the ultrasonic transducer, but certain inspections are also required.


(3) Vibration surface perforation


If the vibration surface of the waterproof medical ultrasonic transducer is perforated, it generally indicates that the operation time of the equipment has been very long, and it is very difficult to repair it in this case. Therefore, ultrasonic transducers with perforated vibration surfaces generally need to be replaced directly.


2. Scientific maintenance of ultrasonic transducers


Ultrasonic transducers are commonly used laboratory equipment and must be used in strict accordance with applicable process and operating procedures. Illegal operations will not only damage the product itself, but also damage more expensive parts. When the ultrasonic transducer is used at a high frequency, it should be scientifically maintained and maintained to prolong its service life, and pay attention to the following points.


(1) Please pay attention to the type of ultrasonic transducer cleaning agent: it can be wiped with mineral water, etc., but water and cleaning agent can also be used to eliminate the expected effect.


(2) Pay attention to the high temperature value: due to the built-in responsibility identification function of the high-quality ultrasonic transducer, the mechanical equipment can be maintained, and the internal temperature of the oscillator increases exponentially for a long period of time. The temperature detection system signals and immediately puts the machine on standby and puts it to sleep.


(3) Pay attention to cleaning the ultrasonic transducer: under normal circumstances, the transducer produced by our company cannot be directly immersed in the liquid for cleaning, but can be gently wiped with a clean gauze, and then applied with a sterilization bag to avoid intraoperative contamination.

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