Vibration Nodes for Ultrasonic Transducers

1. Design of medical ultrasonic transducer


Ultrasonic system in the system application design, or various types of processing applications, all need to be effective and stable to be fixed; a set of ultrasonic vibration system will generally include ultrasonic generator, transducer, horn, ultrasonic welding head. Medical ultrasonic transducers, horn, and ultrasonic welding head are all resonators, so the fixed method and position must be precisely designed. Otherwise, the light ones will affect the resonance of the ultrasonic vibration system, and even cause damage to the ultrasonic vibration system.


2. Vibration node of medical ultrasonic transducer


Most ultrasonic surgical system starts with ultrasonic transducers and have the function of expanding the amplitude. The amplitude transmitted by the transducers increases or decreases due to the increase or decrease of the horn in a design. It can be seen from the vibration mode diagram of the vibration part group that the vibration mode of the ultrasonic vibration system, the conduction amplitude of the transducer. Through the horn to the ultrasonic welding head, there are vibration nodes in the ultrasonic resonance system, transducer, horn, and ultrasonic welding head. From the ultrasonic vibration node and the stress distribution state diagram, it can be seen that the vibration node has the smallest amplitude and the largest stress.


Medical Ultrasonic Transducer


Generally, most ultrasonic vibration system applications will choose to design flanges on the vibration nodes of the horn to facilitate ultrasonic vibration system fixing and clamping. The main considerations are:


(1) The design of the clamping flange of the medical ultrasonic transducer is difficult to design. The amplitude of the ultrasonic horn is smaller than that of the ultrasonic welding head. The ultrasonic welding head often needs to be removed and replaced, which is not conducive to the removal and replacement of the fixed clamp.


(2) The clamping design of vibration nodes of ultrasonic horn basically meets the application requirements of ultrasonic vibration system.


Ultrasonic transducer is a very important core component in medical ultrasonic system. It uses piezoelectric wafers to convert acoustic and electrical signals and convert the electrical signals of the system into ultrasonic waves. There is a piezoelectric crystal in the transducer probe. When an electric current is applied to the piezoelectric crystal, the piezoelectric crystal will change shape. Vibration or shape changes produce sound waves that move outward. When they point to the human body, they pass directly through the skin into the internal anatomy. If you are interested in our products, you can consult our official customer service online!

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