What Are the Advantages of Ultrasonic Emitters?

1. Definition of ultrasonic emitter


Ultrasonic emitter, also known as ultrasonic drive power supply, electronic box, and ultrasonic controller, is an important part of the high-power ultrasonic system. The function of the ultrasonic emitter is to convert the mains electricity into a high-frequency alternating current signal matched with the ultrasonic transducer to drive the ultrasonic transducer to work. High-power ultrasonic power supply generally adopts the circuit form of switching power supply from the aspect of conversion efficiency. Ultrasonic power supplies are divided into self-excited and other-excited power supplies. The self-excited power supply is called ultrasonic analog power supply, and the other-excited power supply is called ultrasonic emitter.


2. Advantages of ultrasonic emitter


(1) The ultrasonic emitter can monitor the working frequency and power of the high-power ultrasonic system.

(2) The ultrasonic emitter can adjust various parameters in real time according to the different requirements of users such as power, amplitude, running time, etc.

(3) Frequency fine-tuning: Adjust the frequency so that the ultrasonic transducer always works in the best state. The efficiency reaches the maximum, and the adjustment range is 2%.

(4) Automatic frequency follow-up: Once the device has completed the initial settings, it can operate continuously without adjusting the emitter.

(5) Amplitude control: When the load changes during the working process of the transducer, the ultrasonic emitter can automatically adjust the driving characteristics to ensure that the tool head obtains a stable amplitude.

(6) System protection: When the system is working in an unsuitable operating environment, the ultrasonic emitter will stop working and give an alarm to protect the equipment from damage.

(7) Amplitude adjustment: The amplitude can be increased or decreased instantaneously during the working process, and the setting range of the amplitude: 0% to 100%.

(8) Automatic frequency search: the working frequency of the tool head can be automatically determined and stored.


The 55.5 kHz ultrasonic emitter of Wuhan BBT Medical company provides excitation signals and high-frequency AC power to drive medical ultrasonic transducers. Besides, it provides 3 to 5 levels of power adjustment to meet different clinical needs such as anatomy and coagulation. It is compatible with 55.5 kHz ultrasonic emitters on the market.

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