What is a Harmonic Scalpel? What is the Purpose of a Harmonic Scalpel?

1. The introduction of a harmonic scalpel


Harmonic scalpel is a scalpel that uses ultrasonic vibration to cut and cauterize tissues at the same time. It uses these vibrations to penetrate even very dense tissues, and in many operations, it is less invasive than standard scalpels. Its ability to cauterize, or seal the wound during the healing process can also usually reduce recovery time and can also make the procedure more efficient and accurate. However, this scalpel is more than just a knife. In most cases, it is also connected to ultrasonic sensors, generators, and foot pedals, but from a practical point of view, this is not very conducive to portability. 


The harmonic scalpel, also known as harmonic blade, usually has blades of various sizes, but their working principles are roughly the same. Like other knives, this type of knives must be guided by the surgeon's hands, but ultrasonic vibrations will increase the pressure, which means that the surgeon does not have to push hard. And they also cauterize the incision immediately, which reduces the patient's blood loss. Opening up the skin usually produces a lot of blood, and in addition to harming the patient, the loss of blood can blur the surgeon's vision. More or less immediate cauterization both promotes healing and reduces the chance of surgical error during the harmonic surgery. As a professional harmonic scalpel manufacturer, contact us for more info!


2. The purpose of a harmonic scalpel


Normally, another component of a knife is a hand transducer, rather than a separate knife. It usually gets power from a power outlet, but there are also rechargeable transducers on the market now. When surgeons deal with different medical conditions of patients, the harmonic scalpel is a popular supplement to a series of systems that can be used. It provides surgeons with greater cutting precision while also allowing surgeons to cut thicker tissue more efficiently. Since the system can operate it, smoke is sometimes a problem with other burning equipment. In this way, the exchange of apparatuses is reduced, and the harmonic surgery process is simplified.

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