What is the Working Voltage of the Ultrasonic Transducer?

There are many types of ultrasonic transducers, which can be divided into ultrasonic welding transducers, ultrasonic cleaning transducers, and ultrasonic cutting transducers according to the application. According to the power, there are 18k, 20K, 28K, and 35K ultrasonic transducers. Their resonant voltages are also different. In this regard, Wuhan BBT surgery equipments company will introduce to you what the working voltage of medical ultrasonic transducers is:


(1) The resonance voltage of different types of ultrasonic transducers is different, and this voltage will change. In the case of frequency resonance, the voltage at both ends of ultrasonic transducer is the lowest, about 800V. It is noted that this voltage is a high-frequency voltage, and there is no way to measure it with an ordinary multimeter.


(2) Take a 1500W ultrasonic transducer as an example: the ultrasonic transducer needs an excitation voltage of 1000V to 2000V from the ultrasonic generator to drive the ultrasonic transducer. The working current is about 2A; the ultrasonic excitation voltage remains unchanged at 1000V. Under the circumstance, the maximum working voltage of the ultrasonic vibrator is limited, the low-power ultrasonic vibrator generally does not exceed 1KV, and the high-power ultrasonic vibrator generally does not exceed 3KV. Otherwise, the medical ultrasonic transducer voltage ceramic pieces will be re-polarized or broken down by fire.


The above is the relevant introduction about the working voltage of the ultrasonic transducer, and I hope it can be helpful to you. The ultrasonic transducer itself is not an energy generator, but is just an energy converter, which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Under the premise that the output matches well with the input, a large amount of energy can be converted. The high AC voltage is applied to the transducer through the drive circuit to charge and discharge the capacitance of the transducer. Among them, the piezoelectric ceramic piece expands and contracts simultaneously under the action of an alternating electric field, generates longitudinal mechanical vibration, and expands at the node of the conductive shaft. For ultrasonic transducer working principle info, contact BBT medical.


The bite force of the cutter head can reach a maximum of 55.5KHz high frequency vibration. The cutter head contacts the tissue protein, breaks the hydrogen bond of the protein, reorganizes the protein structure, deeply coagulates and seals the large lumen, so as to achieve the effect of cutting, coagulating the tissue and stopping bleeding. If you have any other questions about medical ultrasonic transducers, welcome to consult us Wuhan BBT Mini-Invasive Medical Tech. Co., Ltd.

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