BBT Medical Ultrasonic Transducer

Wuhan BBT Medical is a professional ultrasonic transducer supplier and manufacturer. Our homemade ultrasonic transducer is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, usually made of piezoelectric ceramic sheets. The piezoelectric effect of the material converts electrical signals into mechanical vibrations. The electric oscillation signal from the excitation power supply will change the electric field in the energy storage element of the ultrasonic transducer, causing it to enter a vibration state, thereby driving the medium in contact with the mechanical vibration system of the transducer to vibrate. When the vibrating blade is in contact with the tissue, it will break the protein hydrogen bonds of the tissue, and the tissue protein cells will be denatured to form a sticky clot, which can cut hemostasis (vessels below 5mm).


What Is A Medical Transducer

Because ultrasound will produce many physical, chemical and biological effects when it propagates in the medium, and because ultrasound has strong penetrating power, good clustering, large information carrying capacity, and easy to achieve fast and accurate online non-destructive testing and non-destructive diagnosis, the ultrasonic transducer used in a medical industry , as well as agriculture, national defense, bio-medicine and scientific research area. The medical ultrasound transducer is an essential component of the medical ultrasound instrument system, and it plays a critical role in the development and testing of novel medical instruments. Contact us for more  info of transducer in medical.


Ultrasonic Transducers For Sale 

The clinically used transducers are of different sizes and shapes. That is why we design different types of transducers for customers. As advanced ultrasonic generator suppliers, we are dedicated to meet the needs of doctors for clinical use.

How Does An Ultrasonic Transducer Work?

The ultrasonic transducer itself is not an energy generator, it is just an energy converter, which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, and can convert a large amount of energy on the premise that the output matches the input well. A high AC voltage is applied to the transducer through the drive circuit to charge and discharge the capacitance of the transducer. Among them, the piezoelectric ceramic sheet undergoes simultaneous expansion and contraction under the action of an alternating electric field, generates longitudinal mechanical vibration and expands at the conduction shaft node. The bite force of the cutter head can reach the maximum 55.5KHz high frequency vibration. The cutter head contacts the tissue protein, breaking the hydrogen bond of the protein, reorganizing the protein structure, and deep coagulation to close the larger lumen, so as to achieve the effect of cutting, coagulating the tissue and stopping bleeding.

Application of Transducer in Medical Field

Ultrasonic transducers are widely used in the medical industry and are continuously improved. From diagnostic tests that allow parents to see a newborn's heartbeat for the first time to surgical equipment that can treat rare cancers, ultrasound transducers play a key role in today's healthcare.

Piezoelectric transducers generate ultrasonic waves because the material used to make the transducer vibrates when an AC voltage is applied. This vibration produces very high frequency pressure waves; the rate is 10MHz or higher. To generate ultrasound at these frequencies, most medical applications of ultrasound use lead zirconate titanate ceramics (PZT). These same materials can also work in reverse to detect ultrasonic waves and convert the energy of these waves into electrical signals.

The most common use of ultrasound transducers in the medical field is ultrasound imaging. Use the echo time of the ultrasound and the Doppler shift of the reflected sound to create an image to determine the distance to the internal organs of the target and their movement.

Another increasingly widespread application of ultrasound is ultrasound surgery. Ultrasound surgery is minimally invasive and precise enough to allow the surgeon to remove diseased or damaged tissue without affecting the surrounding area. This leads to faster recovery time and improved patient outcomes.

Medical Ultrasonic Transducer Working Principle

Ultrasonic transducer is a very important core component of medical ultrasound system. It uses piezoelectric wafers to realize acoustic-electric signal conversion to convert the electrical signal of the system into ultrasound. In the transducer probe are piezoelectric crystals, which will change shape when current is applied to them. Vibration or shape changes can produce sound waves that move outward. When they point to the human body, they pass directly through the skin into the internal anatomy.