BBT Medical Harmonic Scalpel

BBT Medical ultrasonic scalpels are mainly used for soft tissue cutting and coagulate blood vessels less than 5mm in laparoscopic surgery.

  1. Available in 4 shaft lengths 45cm,36cm,23cm and 14cm for you choose.

  2. Superior to electrosurgery in that it can cut through soft tissue, creates less toxic surgical smoke, and offer clear operation vision.

  3. Reduce the frequency of instrument replacement during surgery, reduce infection rate, reduce operation time and postoperative complications.

Harmonic Scalpel Manufacturer

  1. Our harmonic ultrasonic scalpel can be compatible with existing ultrasonic Generators and Transducers in the market.

  2. At present, our cutting tools have been sold to South American countries, such as Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, as well as European countries, such as Greece, Russia, Italy and Belgium, Southeast Asia, South Korea, and more than ten countries.


***Do not use harmonic scalpel handpiece in bone tissue cutting and fallopian tube closure surgery.

Harmonic Scalpel Uses

Harmonic ultrasonic scalpel is a kind of ultrasonic scalpel, also referred to as sonic knife. It uses an ultrasonic frequency generator to make the metal knife head mechanically oscillate at the ultrasonic frequency, so that the water molecules and protein hydrogen bonds in the tissue are broken, the cells are disintegrated, the tissue is cut or making coagulation, and blood vessel closure. The application of laparoscopic harmonic scalpel in laparoscopic surgery has obvious advantages. 

How Does Harmonic Scalpel Work

The BBT medical is a professional harmonic scalpel manufacturer, whose ultrasonic scalpel needs to be connected to the BBT handpiece before it can be used normally. When the connection is normal, the power supply will convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy through the transducer. At the same time, by pressing the handle to clasp the hand, the clamp head can be opened and closed. You can also choose to use the BBT foot switch instead of manual control according to the user's habits.

The Difference Between BBT Medical Ultrasonic Scalpel

  • 14cm ultrasonic scalpel: Thyroid and breast surgery (According to the user's habits, the use function is the same as TM-Sure)

  • 23cm harmonic blade: Superficial tumor resection, such as hemorrhoids.

  • 36cm harmonic knife: Mainly used for laparoscopic surgery, such as Radical gastric cancer, splenectomy, and hysterectomy, etc.

  • 45cm ultrasonic harmonic scalpel: Laparoscopic surgery for obese people. (See 36cm Ultrasonic scalpel Surgery Type)

  • Scissor type ultrasonic shear : Thyroid and breast surgery, such as breast tumor resection, etc.

BBT Medical Ultrasonic Scalpel Specification

Scalpel (14cm/23cm/36cm/45cm)



Packing box




Net weight





scalpel axial vibration amplitude


Device Storage Life

5 years