BBT Ultrasonic Surgery Systems

This system is composed of the generator, transducer, and scalpel. And the generator converts electrical energy into mechanical energy through the piezoelectric ceramic sheet in the handle, so that the jaw oscillates at 55.5KHz, and the vibration amplitude is 50μm-100μm. The oscillating jaw breaks the hydrogen bond of tissue protein when it comes into contact with the tissue. Tissue protein cells degenerate to form viscous coagulum, which can cut and stop bleeding (vessels≤5mm). Ultrasonic coagulation has a lower temperature than electrocoagulation, and tissue damage is less. Contact us for more bbt surgery equipments info!

BBT Medical Harmonic Scalpel

The ultrasonic scalpel can perform blood clotting while cutting the tissue. There is no current passing through the soft tissue during its working process, and the tissue eschar is small, so that the patient is less damaged. These ultrasonic harmonic scalpels can be used for open surgery, laparoscopic or endoscopic surgery.

BBT Medical Ultrasonic Transducer

A device for controlling the amplitude of the shaft of an ultrasonic scalpel. The amplitude is 55.5Khz±2Khz. Convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. It solves the technical problem that the amplitude of the existing ultrasonic scalpel shaft changes with the load and causes low cutting efficiency, and provides an ultrasonic scalpel shaft amplitude control device that can accurately control the constant amplitude vibration of scalpel.

BBT Generator

The BBT ultrasonic generator is also called the ultrasonic energy platform, which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Through the transducer, the connected cutter arbor moves in accordance with the axis of the trajectory to make the cutter arbor vibrate from one end to the other at high frequency, so that the end contacts the blade of the soft tissue for cutting & condensation. For example, 55,500 vibrations per second can denature the proteins in soft tissues and form sticky clots.

Which Surgical Departments Is Ultrasonic Surgical System Suitable For?

  • Hepatobiliary

    Hepatobiliary Surgery

  • Gastroenterology

    Radical gastric cancer surgery, rectal cancer resection, laparoscopic colorectal surgery.

  • Urology

    Radical resection of prostate cancer, radical resection of bladder cancer.

  • Head And Neck Surgery

    Thyroidectomy, neck lymphatic dissection.

  • The Five Sense Organs

    Tonsillectomy, uvulapalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP), parotid gland tumor resection.

  • Breast Surgery

    Radical mastectomy, breast lumpectomy, axillary lymphatic dissection.

  • Gynecology

    Hysterectomy, adnexectomy, ectopic pregnancy, fallopian tube fenestration, total hysterectomy, pelvic lymph node dissection. 

  • Thoracic Surgery

    Radical resection of esophageal cancer, radical resection of lung cancer, mediastinal surgery, CATS.

Why Choose BBT Medical Ultrasonic Surgical System?

The BBT ultrasonic surgical system is the same quality as imported products. Our products have an absolute advantage in price. Also, its performance is similar to the imported products.

Our advantages:

  1. We have been engaged in the research and development of an ultrasonic surgical system for more than 10 years and have rich experience in this field.

  2. Our own spacious R & D and production base, coupled with a strong professional and technical R & D team, is the premise that our company has the ability to meet the needs of most customers.

  3. Reduce the frequency of instrument replacement during surgery, reduce the incidence of postoperative complications, and reduce the patient's treatment expenditure.