Ultrasonic Scalpel is One of the Most Commonly Used Energy Tools in Surgery Today

With the increasing development of science and technology, the scalpel is no longer a simple instrument cutting knife, in order to achieve the purpose of fast and accurate cutting and hemostasis. In recent decades, high-frequency electric knife and ultrasonic knife have come out one after another. Ultrasonic scalpel is considered to be a revolutionary product that affects the development of traditional surgery. It combines multiple functions such as cutting, hemostasis, separation and pulling into one body. It has good performances such as fast cutting, good hemostasis, less eschar and less damage. It has become a commonly used surgical tool in the hands of surgeons.


1. What is an ultrasonic scalpel?


Ultrasonic knife refers to focusing high-intensity ultrasound on the knife end through the horn, and the strong vibration of the knife can crush soft tissues such as liver and brain. This method is clinically used to remove human soft tissue tumors, and the crushed tumor tissue fragments are washed and sucked out at any time, while the surrounding blood vessels and nerves are not easily damaged. Therefore, it is called the bloodless scalpel.


The current of the ultrasonic knife system host is transmitted to the handle, and the piezoelectric ceramic sheet in the handle is activated to work. The ceramic sheet converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, generates longitudinal mechanical vibration and expands at the node of the conduction axis, and the knife head contacts with tissue protein, breaking the hydrogen bond of the protein and The protein structure is reorganized, the protein coagulates and closes the small lumen, and the protein is vibrated to generate secondary energy, and the deep coagulation closes the larger lumen, so as to achieve the effects of cutting, coagulating tissue and hemostasis. Compared with scalpel, electric knife, laser knife and other instruments, it is found that ultrasonic knife has unique advantages. A complete set of ultrasonic knife equipment consists of the following parts: frame, host, handle, foot control device, knife head and other parts. Generally, the knife head is a consumable, and the hospital knife head is usually used 5-6 times.


The ultrasonic scalpel is one of the electrosurgical instruments that replace the mechanical scalpel for tissue cutting. It uses the thermal effect of ultrasound, air effect and high-frequency mechanical vibration to change the structure and state of biological tissues, complete the cutting, separation and destruction of tissues, and achieve the purpose of treatment. The ultrasonic scalpel system is mainly used in the cutting and cutting of soft tissue in surgical operations, and has a certain hemostatic effect.


2. Applicable surgery for ultrasonic scalpel


The ultrasonic scalpel system can cut soft tissue while controlling bleeding and keeping thermal damage to a minimum. It is widely used in laparoscopy and traditional open surgery in general surgery, thoracic surgery, urology, gynecology, pediatric surgery and other departments. The ultrasonic scalpel touches the surface of the soft tissue for cutting and separation. It can safely handle blood vessels smaller than 5mm, and reliably coagulate blood while cutting tissue.

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